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    3D печать дорожное строительство

    3D-printing in road construction and repair

    Three-dimensional printing in construction has become, if not casual, then an increasingly  common phenomenon. Annually new developments in this field are demonstrated at the world’s leading exhibitions; demonstrational videos...
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    эпирок пресс тур 2018

    Epiroc held in a press-tour in Sweden for russian journalists

    From November 20 to November 23, a press-tour organized by Epirok was held in Sweden for employees of Russian industrial publications. This company recently changed its focus to mining...
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    smart glass

    Smart glass

    The 1980s gave us the technology of variable transparency glass. Despite being a non-recent event, this technology is only now getting in the prominence with the advances of «Internet...
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    Альтернативная гидроэнергетика

    Alternative hydroenergy

    Russia, a country full of rivers, washed by the seas, belonging to the basins of the three oceans, has an almost inexhaustible prospect in the field of hydropower. The...
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    Wind energy in Russia

    The Russian Federation has the largest wind potential in the world. According to experts, it is estimated at 16,500 TWh per year. For comparison, this type of alternative energy...
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    On December 7 year 2017, in Rostov-on-Don, a new airport began operations, receiving the name of the legendary Cossack ataman Matvey Platov. At 11 o’clock in the morning its...
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    Greenhouses, swimming pools, recreational centers, heating and power supply systems of buildings – this just a short list of places where tamed geothermal energy works for the benefit of...
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    Sidewalk tile has long become an integral part of the urban landscape, just as city gardening or asphalt concrete roadways. It would seem that the nothing new can be...
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    Very recently a video appeared on the Internet, amassing a large viewership in a short time. It is of a new way of laying public roads from plastic slab...